Le Mans : Steve McQueen’s racing suit sold for $336,000

Worn during the shooting of “Le Mans”, Steve McQueen’s racing suit, helmet and underwear were sold for $336,000 by the famous RM Sotheby’s auction house.

Unique accessories

The Gulf racing suit, Bell helmet and Nomex underwear worn by Michael Delaney, Steve McQueen’s character, had never been auctioned before. However, these objects had been in the hands of a German family since 1971. After the release of the film “Le Mans”, the German magazine Bravo launched a competition to win a Porsche 914 or Steve McQueen’s racing gear… Disappointed that he didn’t won the Porsche, the teenager who participated and won the second price stored the suit and underwear on a shelf for all these years and used the helmet for his motorcycle for a few years.

The objects used in “Le Mans” are still very popular to Steve McQueen’s fans and motorsport fans. Steve McQueen’s Porsche 917 used for the film “Le Mans” was auctioned off last summer and sold for 12 million euros. The Porsche 917 was actually the first Porsche to win the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1970.

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