Auction : RM Sotheby’s sales a superb Aston Martin DB4GT

The famous auction house offers a magnificent 1961 Aston Martin DB4GT. The DB4GT will go on sale in London on September 5 at Battersea Evolution, a large complex that can accommodate nearly 4000 people.

Aston Martin B4GT: a vehicle loaded with history

If this car reminds you of anything… It’s normal! She was the star of The Wrong Arm of the Law, released in 1963. The movie narrates the story of a gang of thieves who organize the hiest of the century. The car belonged to Peter Sellers, the main actor in Cliff Owen’s film. In 1963, after the shooting was over, Peter Sellers bought the vehicle. This car enthusiast owned no less than 83 vehicles in his private collection at 39 year old.

This car is in sumptuous condition! The Aston Martin DB4GT has been very well maintained over the years. The DB4GT‘s original engine has been replaced by a Lagonda Rapide 4.0 litre created by the British brand. Two passenger seats were also added at the rear to carry passengers occasionally.

It is an extremely rare model since there are only 75 DB4GT in the world.

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