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308 GTS


With the end of Dino 246 GT production, Ferrari just had Dino 308 GT4 as « entry level » car, draw by Bertone and criticized so far. At the beginning of 70s, for its new Berlinette, Ferrari calls Pininfarina once again, who will draw one of the most popular Ferraris and its biggest production car: 308. And now, Ferrari’s “entry level” will be equipped with a V8!

The new Ferrari Berlinette is baptised 308, “30“ standing for 3.0L and “8” standing for 8 cylinders, and is introduced at Paris Auto Show in 1975.

Ferrari 308 is the iconic Berlinette of the brand during the 70s and the beginning of the 80s, but also the most popular Ferrari.

It has been helped by Tom SELLECK, the actor from the famous TV show MAGNUM, who only drove this car.

308 is a true Ferrari that represents all the Prancing Horse brand’s spirit and image.

It is also a true “vintage”, without assisted steering that knows how to take us on a journey back in time. Its brand image, its excellent performance, its driveability, its aesthetic make this car a pretty accessible model. 

Its magical line allowed the car to become a timeless icon and it is today a safe bet among all collector cars.

The present vehicle was sold as new by Michel Mercier garage in Paris on August 20, 1980.

This 308 has had three owners, all French.

A maintenance invoice folder is provided to follow the regular and careful maintenance of this 308, as well as the number of previous owners.

You can check the maintenance invoice folder that will help you to understand that you will go with a safe and clean car, ready to achieve all kinds of distances on all kinds of roads.

It also comes with the original user manual and a copy of the spare parts catalog.

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Production Year



114 250 KM


255 CV

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