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Daytona 365 GTB/4, ex Mario Andretti


At the end of 60’s, Ferrari isn’t at its best. Ferrari’s financial independence has been compromised after arguing with Ford, and it’s finally Fiat that will become a Ferrari Spa shareholder.

Ford, deceived, attacks Ferrari in endurance and causes a real humiliation at Le Mans in consecutive years.

And if it was not enough, its fiery neighbour, Ferruccio Lamborghini, will beat it on the road with the very innovative and spectacular Miura.

It is in this context that Ferrari 365 GTB/4 was revealed in Paris Motor Show in 1968. Its classicism (front engine) will be its best asset to turn it into Maranello’s great classic. Then Miura should better behave itself because Ferrari P4 hat-trick will erase Le Mans disgrace facing Ford. Ferrari was back, and the public will give 365 GTB/4 its Daytona nickname.  

Daytona, yet classic and criticized since its debut compares to more innovative Lamborghini Miura, will turn with time into a true classic car. With its sublime line, its V12 with unparalleled soul, its always so exceptional performances even years after, represent long-term GT’s archetype. Race versions had proven their capacities and today make passionate and informed collector’s happiness. Now it’s your turn to be seduced by the Beauty!

14 143 chassis we sell is truly unique and will delight racing passionate. Indeed, 14 143 only has had famous and renowned Mario ANDRETTI as first owner, the one who had multifaceted and full of success racing career.

14 143 model from 1971 with its retractable lights was given new by Luigi CHINETTI, Ferrrari’s importer for the US and prestigious NART race team founder, to Mario ANDRETTI to thanks him and celebrate its first Formula One victory at South Africa Gran Prix.

Concerning 14 143 we possess MASSINI’s report that proves its first owner, as well as the following owners.

Today 14 143 appears to be in perfect condition, the car was totally restored, as proven by the folder’s invoices and the numerous photos you can view upon request.

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Production Year



28 210 KM


352 CV

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