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Frequently considered as the most advanced “classic” 911, the 2.4 was right out introduced in E version (injection), T (Touring) and S (Sport). 

Compared to 2.2, this new version was principally improved on the chassis part, with a better driving behaviour and reactions. 

Indeed, the actual Porsche intensive engagement allows the brand to achieve a significant experience concerning the chassis development, and the 2.4 T will receive many racing improvements: modified running gear and Boge dampers in order to improve the directional stability. 

The air-cooling Flat 6 now see it cylinder reaching 2.341cm3, to correspond principally to new polluting norms that are tougher and tougher, and also to stay in good position concerning the power course its rivals are engaged in.
Concerning the body, few improvements. The only curiosity was the oil hatch located on the right rear aisle.  
This changing will be a total disaster for the brand because many owners or absent-minded gasmen will mistake this hatch for the gas one. 

So the factory will only suppress this hatch next year, what today makes the car a very prized collector. 
The present model is a 911 2.4 S Targa from 1972 in a “light Ivory” colour. 

This 2.4 Targa is a true French, delivered as new by SONAUTO companies in Paris. Besides it possesses its yellow lights typical of the French market. 

This 2.4 Targa only has had 4 owners and all were French, and we still have the former DMV for the property record. 
Its second owner was no other than the renowned Valentin KAISER from PORSCHE Classic Vélizy. 

It is under his property that this 2.4 S received a “restoration” by PORSCHE Classic Vélizy. This restoration consisted in keeping a maximum of authenticity because only the left rear aisle was changed and as a bonus the full external paint has been redone in its original shade.

The underbody, the aisles surfaces, rear and front compartments still are in their original paint, and in perfect shape. 

As well as upholstery, carpets and Targa that are totally original and were delivered by Porsche in 1972. 
Only the 2 front seat foam were replaced by new ones for a better support.  

Driving this Targa is a pure pleasure with no default and it will request no supplementary fees to its future owner. 
True classic 911 archetype, 2.4 Targa is one of the market’s most prized sports cars.  

Indeed its history, its line and performances as well as its record make this car a true PORSCHE Classic icon. 
Add to this the reliability, the metallic sonority from the 2.4 6 Flat and the fact that it is eligible for most of historic rallies because it has won and raced every race, and here is why 2.4 S is so popular with collectors.  

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