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911 Speedster


For nostalgic, Porsche regains its mythical model Speedster production at the end of the year 1988, as a reminder of 356 Speedster glory days.

This model is built on a 911 Carrera Cabriolet basis, incorporating all its mechanic components.

One umbrella Porsche for 911 Cabriolet series, when she was unveiled in 1989, 911 Speedster gave birth again to one of Porsche's history emblematic model, as the name was given to 356 most elegant version. Based on 911 Turbo Cabriolet event if it was equipped with atmospheric engine, Speedster 3.2L was launched just before the introduction of new Type 964 bodywork and then was the first model to regain the original sketch from 1963.

Aesthetically it is a Cabriolet with a lowered windshield and a double embossment rear shell as a roof cover, which lowers the front and elevated the rear of the car, giving it a particularly raging look.

This model will frequently be associated to Turbo Look option that reinforces its aggressive and sporty look. This model is also a skinned version of the interior, with no power window, no rear seat and no inside door handles. 

Speedster 3.2L remains one of the legendary model from the brand and is the heir of 356 Speedster. It was produced at only 2.065 cars, only 171 of them in narrow hull version.

The car we are showcasing today is an European model. It has been delivered as new in Germany where its one and only owner took grate care of it.

That's how he transmitted us this perfect and fully original model with only 20.500km, as testify the original and barely run-in tires from 1989 that are still on the vehicle. These one will be replaced by new ones during the sale.

This Speedster still wears its original color on the whole body, as well as the original roof still in perfect condition.

Naturally this Speedster comes with original files and manuals, as well as its toolbox.

So here is the opportunity to acquire a true "time capsule" from 1989, in addition to an emblematic model from Porsche production.

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Production Year



20 500 KM


231 CV

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